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280 MW of capacity
Over 15 KM of underground piping
215 connected customers exceeding 45M sq. ft. of real estate
Uninterrupted services for over 50 years
Owner and operator of one of North America’s largest district energy systems
From designing and building, to maintaining and operating, creative energy's highly skilled and experienced team of professionals have a client-focused, community-vested approach to projects that deliver outstanding quality and service while providing tangible value for partners, customers and the community.
We are energy developers

Creative Energy owns and operates one of the largest district energy systems in North America. Since 1968, we’ve been delivering outstanding customer service with a 99.99% reliability record; today, our original plant in downtown Vancouver now serves over 215 customers across more than 45 million square feet of connected real estate.

Aiming to bring low-carbon district energy to cities across North America, Creative Energy is currently developing 15 new district energy projects with a range of innovative technologies including ocean-exchange, geo-exchange, biomass, cogeneration/CHP, and microgrids.

Through collaboration and partnerships, Creative Energy designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains sustainable neighbourhood scale energy systems that support responsible development, business value, and community growth, shaping great cities. Through premier end-to-end service value, we extend the benefits of district energy with rate certainty, quality of service and carbon reduction by utilizing an array of technologies to develop district systems.

Flexible, Scalable Projects
Integrating projects across the value chain to achieve exceptional environmental and economic outcomes.
Maximization of usable building space
Our district energy solutions removes the need for boiler rooms, chiller rooms, cooling towers, and associated shafts within the buildings, allowing building owners to gain full value of their real estate.
Alignment with customers
Providing long term energy security which is at or below market costs, reducing strata reserve funds and operating costs by removing thermal generation assets from within buildings.
Decarbonization of the Built Environment
By leveraging the economies of scales of a district system, we can implement low-carbon technical solutions that are not economical at the building scale.
Avoided Thermal Capital
Helping building developers and owners to remove the cost of boilers, chillers, and cooling towers from the building’s construction budget.
Transparent Collaboration
Creating partnerships and engaging stakeholders to ensure success
Unparalleled technical innovation
Enhancing system reliability, resiliency, and efficiency.
Serving Canadian energy needs for over 50 years, Creative Energy’s value proposition is based on a foundation of service reliability, exceptional customer service and continued growth
Vancouver faced huge problems from the pollution and inefficiencies involved in heating buildings using fuel oil and coal. Their solution was Central Heat Distribution, BC’s first district energy company.
Central Heat used highly efficient gas boilers to produce steam that was distributed to individual buildings through a network of underground pipes, converting the Vancouver Press building to a centralized natural gas steam boiler plant.
Significantly improving local air quality through the removal of 600 individual boiler stacks, Central Heat established itself as an integral part of the community.
Creative Energy generates energy for CBC
Vancouver’s landmark Gastown Steam Clock was originally powered by steam from our pipes. To this day, the whistle remains powered by Creative Energy’s steam plant.
Creative Energy generates energy for St. Paul’s Hospital. Patients and staff depend on our system’s reliability
Creative Energy generates energy for Expo Plaza — Site of Expo 86
Creative Energy generates energy for BC Place, an official emergency centre during a seismic event or other disaster; a testament to the resilience of our system.
Creative Energy generates energy for Vancouver Public Library
Creative Energy generates energy for Rogers Arena
Creative Energy generates energy for Woodward’s Building
Creative Energy generates energy for Vancouver Convention Centre
By 2014, Central Heat’s 15 km network of pipes was serving over 210 buildings in Vancouver’s downtown core, providing the lowest cost source of energy in the city.
A new hot-water generation node is created at Main and Keefer
Creative Energy generates energy for Vancouver House
Creative Energy begins construction on Mirvish Village and opens an office in Toronto
Combining 50 years of experience with an unwavering commitment to innovation, Creative Energy is one of the leading low-carbon district energy developers in Canada.
Our Team
With more than 200 years of collective experience in operating and maintaining district energy systems, our team works closely with customers to ensure efficiency and reliability. Creative Energy assembles exceptional teams to deliver world class systems, engaging in innovative partnerships to manage risks and benefits, provide cost certainty and enhance growth opportunities.