What we do
Creative Energy designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains district energy systems for the 21st century. We turn ideas into reality by delivering low-carbon district energy systems that create tangible value for partners, customers and the community at large.

We know what it takes to build and operate the next generation of infrastructure that will help our cities meet their energy, climate and resiliency objectives. Creative Energy’s projects emphasize urban “place-making”, with energy solutions that redefine public spaces to promote better urban design, to enhance quality of life, and to generate new social, cultural and economic opportunities.

We turn concepts into reality. Our delivery begins at project conception and continues indefinitely, providing efficient, reliable thermal energy to our customers. Starting with a high-level screening to narrow the field of technology options, we move into a fulsome feasibility study of the shortlisted concepts to optimize our strategy and strike the right balance of resiliency, affordability, and sustainability. Once the path is paved through the front-end analysis, we work alongside our stakeholders through the commercial arrangements, design, and delivery of our district energy systems. Near the end of construction, project commissioning will bridge the development and operational aspects of our projects by proving-out functionality before “going live”. While many conventional projects end here, our district energy projects begin their operating phase, where we optimize the plant and distribution system to meet or exceed design parameters and ensure reliability of service, and compliance to regulatory requirements.

High efficiency boilers and chillers
waste-heat recovery from cooling systems
Ocean loop heat recovery
Ground source geo-exchange
Combined heat and power (CHP)
Urban wood waste / biomass
Energy resilient micro-grids
Sewage heat recovery
Energy storage