Creative Energy

Creative Energy turns ideas into reality, delivering low carbon district energy systems that create tangible value for partners, customers and the community at large.

We design, build, own, and operate low-carbon district energy systems across North America.

We are energy developers.

Through premier end-to-end service value, we extend the benefits of district energy with rate certainty, quality of service and carbon reduction by utilizing an array of technologies to develop district systems.

We know what it takes to build and operate the next generation of infrastructure that will help our cities meet their energy, climate and resiliency objectives. Creative Energy’s projects emphasize urban “place-making”, with energy solutions that redefine public spaces to promote better urban design, to enhance quality of life, and to generate new social, cultural and economic opportunities.

Our world-class team provides unparalleled technical innovation driven by:

From designing and building, to maintaining and operating, Creative Energy’s highly skilled and experienced team of professionals have a client-focused, community-vested approach to projects that deliver outstanding quality and service while providing tangible value for partners, customers and tenants.

We offer communities:

Flexible, scalable projects

Integrating projects across the value chain to achieve exceptional environmental and economic outcomes.

Maximization of usable building space

Our district energy solutions removes the need for boiler rooms, chiller rooms, cooling towers, and associated shafts within the buildings, allowing building owners to gain full value of their real estate. 

Transparent collaboration

Creating partnerships and engaging stakeholders to ensure success

Decarbonization of the built environment

By leveraging the economies of scales of a district system, we can implement low-carbon technical solutions that are not economical at the building scale.

Avoided thermal capital

Helping building developers and owners to remove the cost of boilers, chillers, and cooling towers from the building’s construction budget.

Alignment with customers

Providing long term energy security which is at, or below market costs, reducing strata reserve funds and operating costs by removing thermal generation assets from within buildings. 

Unparalleled technical innovation

Enhancing system reliability, resiliency, and efficiency.