Downtown Vancouver
Core Re-development
Over 50 years
Providing downtown Vancouver with the lowest cost of energy for over 50 years with a 99.99% reliability record.
Creative Energy provides heating to over 220 buildings, totalling 45 million-sq-ft of floor area, across much of the downtown Vancouver peninsula. The conversion of the plant into a low-carbon energy supply will be the "largest single GHG emission reduction opportunity in the city."
The construction

This project will integrate the existing 280 MW steam plant into a new Class A office tower that will create space for an estimated 6,000 workers. Part of this project will also see the downtown plant add low-carbon sources to the energy generation to further decarbonize downtown Vancouver’s thermal energy grid.

The project will provide a necessary seismic upgrade to the structure surrounding the plant, while revitalizing the surrounding area. While a glass facade will give pedestrians viewing access to the plant, and the steam pipe headers will be featured as an art piece on the plaza.

What we are doing

A portion of a new and upgraded Creative Energy steam plant will be created in the area near the base of the new 264-ft-tall, 17 story S-shaped office tower where the district energy infrastructure will be visible from the building lobby through a glass façade to celebrate the significance of Vancouver’s energy backbone. The remaining portion of the plant will be located within the neighbouring BC Place Stadium. A combination of biomass and/or high-voltage electric boilers will be integrated into the generation mix to provide a source of low-carbon heating for the community. The system will also include heat recovery chillers to capture the waste heat from the new commercial towers, and further decarbonize the energy mix.