Geo-Exchange Field
Part of a two-part system designed to accommodate the energy demand for Oakridge and the surrounding high density area.
To meet the City of Vancouver’s green building policy while allowing architectural freedom, Creative Energy has designed a low-carbon energy solution that meets both mandates.
The construction

The 5 million square feet project will include 14 towers with 2,600 homes, nearly half a million square feet of workspace for 3,000 creative economy workers, one million square feet of retail space, a 10-acre city park, one of the city’s largest community centres and daycares, a performing arts academy, a live music venue and numerous more informal performance spaces both within the shopping centre and within the park.

A low-carbon district energy system that integrates geo-exchange, heat recovery chillers, electric boilers, and high efficiency boilers and chillers will serve the entire development, reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 68% (6,200 tonnes per year), and improve energy security in a manner that maximizes opportunities for its residents, businesses and institutions.

Creative Energy’s innovative approach will locally produce reliable green energy with tangible environmental, economic and resiliency benefits for Vancouver for decades to come.

Expansion Potential

The area surrounding the Oakridge project has immense potential for both expansion and interconnectivity with other local energy systems.

Very near to the Oakridge Center, the Oakridge Transit Centre redevelopment presents an opportunity to connect another customer to the Oakridge system.

While the Oakridge system is designed to meet the needs of the entire centre, there exists the ability to connect its district energy with others in the area, pooling our energy footprint and expanding across the neighbourhood.

The twin sites of the BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital (~1km north of Oakridge) uses an existing steam plant and has a requirement to implement low-carbon generation.

With other major nodes being developed between Oakridge and the hospital sites, there is tremendous opportunity to interconnect the two energy centres and establish a low-carbon, resilient energy network that advances the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City goals.