Mirvish Village
Island mode
By working with data experts and predictive software, we can estimate the timing of the Global Adjustment peaks to minimize consumption from the grid, avoid or minimize Global Adjustment charges, and pass on savings to customers.
The redevelopment of the iconic Mirvish Village & Honest Ed's site at Bathurst & Bloor Street will create nearly 1 million square feet of purpose-built rental housing and retail space. This 4.5-acre development is currently under construction and will boast 5 mixed-use towers within a fully integrated community of dedicated rental housing, retail-commercial space and functional green space, with a focus on environmental stewardship and affordability.
The construction

To help the neighbourhood meet the LEED Platinum criteria and the City of Toronto’s Tier 2 requirements of the Toronto Green Standard, Creative Energy is developing a district energy system and microgrid for the community that offers a resilient means of thermal energy, power, and emergency power.

The Energy System

The key priorities for the Mirvish Village DES were affordability, resiliency, and sustainability. This led us to design a centralized heating and cooling system coupled with a “behind-the-meter” micro-grid with combined-heat-and-power (“CHP”), solar PV generation, and natural gas emergency generators.