Horseshoe Bay
West Vancouver
of annual energy of the development is expected to be derived from the sea-water system.
Horseshoe Bay is a neighbourhood of about 1,000 permanent residents located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. The 89-year old Sewell's Marina is now being re-vitalized into a vibrant, oceanside community.
The construction

The redevelopment consists primarily of a resort village, including residential units, as well as some ancillary commercial-use units, both marine and non-marine related. This redevelopment will transform the marina into a distinctive, environmentally sustainable public space that:

  • Celebrates the waterfront.
  • Creates new economic benefits within the community.
  • Promotes highly efficient, low-cost and low-carbon energy.

This collaboration aims to refresh the local area while advancing sustainability objectives, helping the District of West Vancouver reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve its climate resiliency goals. In addition to helping the District meet its annual targets, this project will also improve energy security to the extent that it maximizes opportunities for its residents, businesses and institutions.

The Energy System

From a discreet, centrally located facility within the development, the district energy system generates energy using a closed-loop ocean exchange system. Through a series of corrosion-resistant pipes, heat is exchanged between the development and a submerged heat exchanger located on ocean floor.

The submerged heat exchanger accepts or rejects heat during different operating modes depending on the season of the year – much the same way a car radiator works.

The heated or cooled water is then returned back to the district energy facility where the heat pumps convert low-grade energy into high-grade energy that can be used for space cooling and heating. No water is taken from or discharged into the marina.

Creative Energy’s innovative approach to green energy will produce reliable, on-site heating and cooling with tangible environmental, economic and resilience benefits for Horseshoe Bay and West Vancouver for decades to come.