Creative Energy

Our team is available around the clock

to ensure your energy service needs are met.

Putting customers first

We will always help you find the best person to help you as quickly as possible. Getting to know our customers, and being there when you need us, is an important part of who we are as a company.

Seamless transition

Our turnkey approach to connecting building mechanical systems to community energy allows for a seamless transition before the heating season starts. We can show you how it works, and our engineers can coordinate with your team to ensure our energy service meets your needs.

Four-Part Billing System

1. Consumption

  • Bills are sent out at the end of each month, with customer meters read as close to the last business day in each month as possible.
  • The monthly consumption is then applied to the tariff and fuel adjustment.

2. Tariff

  • As a regulated utility, the tariff will only change when an application has been approved by the appropriate utilities commission.
  • The tariff charges are structured to apply to a wide range of customers, and cover labour, property taxes, operating costs and profit for Creative Energy.

3. Fuel Adjustment

  • The fuel adjustment covers the cost of fuel, transportation charges for the fuel and any taxes related to the purchase of the fuel that are not included in the tariff.
  • Fluctuating with the changes in energy cost, transportation and taxes, there is no mark-up or profit in the fuel adjustment.

4. Taxes

  • Each month the collected taxes are remitted to the appropriate taxing authority.
  • A mandatory municipal access fee of 1.25% is embedded in your bill.