Creative Energy

Creative Energy focuses on projects that are flexible, scalable and integrated across the value chain to achieve optimal environmental and economic outcomes.

Leveraging unparalleled technical innovation to enhance system reliability, our district energy systems work to decrease demand on the power grid and lower customer costs.

Toronto Mirvish Village

The iconic Honest Ed’s and Mirvish Village site at Bloor and Bathurst Streets in Toronto’s Annex area is being re-developed.

Currently under construction, this community will boast five mixed-use towers within the master planned community and focuses on purpose-built rental, green space, and environmental stewardship.
  • Creative Energy is developing a heating, cooling, and district energy system for the 900,000 sq.ft. development.
  • The core of the system is based on generating a “behind the meter” microgrid through the use of combined heat and power (CHP) for electrical and thermal energy production.
  • The thermal energy plant will also serve as a node for establishing a district heating and cooling system for future developments in the neighbourhood.
  • The system also provides centralized cooling, photovoltaic solar panels, and natural gas generators which are used for both emergency power and peak shaving to avoid costly Global Adjustment charges.
  • Our low-carbon system will help this 4.5 acre development exceed the Tier 2 requirements of the Toronto Green Standard, and achieve the targeted LEED Platinum rating.
  • The project is currently in construction and is expected to be energized in early-2021.

Vancouver Core Redevelopment

This project will integrate the existing 280 MW steam plant into a new Class A office tower that will create space for an estimated 6,000 workers.

Part of this project will also see the downtown plant add low-carbon sources to the energy generation to further decarbonize downtown Vancouver’s thermal energy grid.
  • Half of the Creative Energy plant that is nearing the end of its useful life will be replaced by a new plant located in the neighbouring BC Pavilion stadium, under a 50-year license agreement.
  • The other half of the plant will be retrofitted underneath the new office tower development.
  • A glass facade will give pedestrians viewing access to the plant, and the steam pipe headers will be featured as an art piece on the plaza.
  • Biomass and/or electric boilers will be integrated into the plant to reduce the carbon content of the heat generation.
  • The project will provide a necessary seismic upgrade to the structure surrounding the plant, while revitalizing the surrounding area.

Horseshoe Bay

This seven-building development will place residential and commercial space along West Vancouver’s ocean shoreline.
  • Creative Energy’s district energy system will utilize a closed-loop ocean exchange system that will provide heating and cooling to the development.
  • Approximately 90% of the thermal energy required by the development will be supplied from the ocean-loop system.
  • Through a series of corrosion-resistant pipes placed on the seabed to a submerged heat exchanger, energy is exchanged between the development and the Pacific Ocean.
  • The submerged heat exchanger accepts or rejects heat during different operating modes and depending on the season of the year – much the way a car radiator works.
  • The heated or cooled water is then returned to back to the district energy facility where a heat pump system “lifts” the temperature, making the thermal energy useful for building heating and cooling purposes.
  • No water is taken from or discharged to the marina.

Oakridge Mall

The existing 28-acre retail shopping mall site is being redeveloped into a 5MM+ sq.ft project that includes 14 towers, 2,600 homes, a half million sq.ft of workspace, a million sq.ft of retail space, a 10-acre city park, and numerous other cultural facilities.
  • Creative Energy is developing a 25 -30 MW district energy system that will provide space heating and cooling, and domestic hot water heating to the entire redevelopment.
  • The system utilizes a combination of a closed-loop geo-exchange field, low-carbon electric boilers, and heat recovery chillers.
  • The system has the potential to be expanded and/or interconnected to other new developments in the area.
  • These technologies enable the plant to meet the City of Vancouver’s greenhouse gas emissions target of 70kg of CO2/MWh – equivalent to a 68% reduction in carbon emissions compared to natural gas boilers.
  • At full build-out, our low-carbon plant is forecasted to reduce the equivalent emissions of taking 4,600 cars off the roads.

Main Alley

Creative Energy is currently developing a new district energy cooling system for the Main Alley project.

Five buildings near the corner of Main Street and East 5th avenue will combine to form Vancouver’s first tech start-up campus, spurring growth in the city’s tech industry.
  • First district cooling system in Vancouver
  • Planning for expansion and heat-recovery retrofit to utilize waste-heat and distribute low-carbon heating to the surrounding buildings.
  • Life cycle modelling is demonstrating 40% lower cost compared to standalone building-scale cooling systems.
  • Future storage utilizing Phase Change Technology (PCM) is being explored.