Creative Energy

There are four main parts to an existing Creative Energy bill:

1. Consumption
Creative Energy sends out a bill at the end of each month. Customer meters are read as close to the last business day in each month as possible, and the present meter reading is subtracted from the previous reading to arrive at the monthly consumption. The monthly consumption is then applied to the Tariff and Fuel Adjustment on the bill.

2. Tariff
Creative Energy is a regulated Utility under the jurisdiction of the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC). As a regulated Utility the Tariff only changes when an Application to change the Tariff has been approved by the BCUC. The Tariff charges cover labour, property taxes, operating costs and profit for Creative Energy. The Tariff is structured to be applicable to a wide range of customers. Each month the Customer metered consumption is applied to the Tariff to arrive at the Tariff charge. The Tariff charge is based per thousand pounds of steam. The Tariff charges do not include the costs related to Fuel.


3. Fuel Adjustment
The Fuel Adjustment is a pass through charge to the customer to cover the cost of fuel, transportation charges for the fuel and any taxes related to the purchase of the fuel that are not included in the Tariff. There is no mark-up or profit in the Fuel Adjustment. Unlike the Tariff the Fuel Adjustment will fluctuate with the changes in the cost of energy, transportation and taxes. Each month the Customer consumption is applied to the Fuel Adjustment to arrive at the Fuel Adjustment charges on the bill. As of January 2017 the Fuel Adjustment is $10.85 per thousand pounds of Steam.

4. Taxes
Creative Energy by law is required to collect the Goods and Services Tax (GST) currently at 5% and Provincial Sales Tax (PST) currently at 7%. Each month the collected taxes are remitted to the appropriate taxing authority. A mandatory Municipal Access Fee of 1.25% is embedded in your bill.

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