Creative Energy


We provide three core heating services. Our steam or hot water service in some locations may be used for:

Space heating

Space heating is typically delivered within the building by a hydronic heating loop. End devices include all of the common end units, including in-floor radiant, fan coils, convectors, radiators and baseboard units.

Ventilation heating

Ventilation heating is required by code to condition outside fresh air.  The air is typically heated by a glycol heating coil in an air handling unit that gets the heat from the same hydronic circuit used for space heating.

Domestic Hot Water heating

This service heat potable water for taps, showers, etc, and is typically done by a separate heat exchanger. It can be configured as “on demand” heating or with the buildings storage tanks in a charging mode.

Specialized services

We provide a range of specialized services made possible by our use of steam. We are always working to add more products and services for our customers.

Efficiency services
Every building is different. The Creative Energy team works with our customers to find efficiencies within a particular building or group of buildings to maximize the recovery of heat from steam and ensure the building is heated in as cost-effective and robust a way as possible.

Creative Energy is also exploring providing nodal or on-site cooling services in areas with high cooling demand, such as commercial centres.

This removes the need for developers and building owners to install and maintain cooling equipment themselves. It can also facilitate greater capture and use of waste heat from cooling within a larger heating network.

Other services could include:

In existing areas with steam service, we can also provide the following additional services that ‘water-based’ systems cannot:


eg. Laundromats
High temperature steam heating has been used for commercial Laundromats and hotel-based cleaning needs.


eg. Hospitals & clinics
High temperature steam heating can be used for the sterilization of health related equipment.

Food Preparation

eg. Restaurants, kitchens, breweries
High temperature food grade steam is required for food preparation, dish cleaning and process kettles.

Steam absorption chillers

eg. Commercial buildings
Absorption chillers generate chilled water that helps meet a building’s space cooling needs.

Air humidification

eg. hospitals, art galleries and casinos
This is needed in some buildings to maintain a strict range of air humidity.

Pools, Saunas & Hot Tubs

eg. Hotels and fitness
Facilities use steam for their saunas.

Commercial processes

eg. Light industrial
Services as required.

Outside water features, fountains

eg. Public Parks