Creative Energy

Creative Energy is a Vancouver-based

Neighbourhood Energy utility company made up of

city builders, energy innovators and creative thinkers.

Cities work because they let people share cultural, social and physical infrastructure. Living in a city means we already share so much that benefits us, including roads, water and sewage systems.

Creative Energy is building on existing energy infrastructure in Vancouver to create flexible, low carbon neighbourhood energy systems across the city.

14km of underground pipes

1.7 billion pounds of steam passing through the system

Over 210 building served

99% reliable for almost 50 years

Heating 45 million square feet of space

Through providing cost-effective and reliable shared energy, we can help Vancouver reduce its emissions, increase resilience and create new jobs. Everyone can benefit from neighbourhood energy.

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At Creative Energy, we believe in finding creative approaches to sharing energy – one neighbourhood at a time. While our home energy network is in Vancouver, we are actively seeking new opportunities for creating neighbourhood energy systems across Canada.
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Our vision

In 2014 we acquired Central Heat Distribution – a supplier of low-cost neighbourhood energy to Vancouver’s downtown core for almost 50 years. We plan to build on the existing downtown Beatty Street plant and its 14 km network of pipes to create a network of localized, low carbon neighbourhood energy systems in Metro Vancouver.

1 Current Downtown Network
2 South False Creek Existing
3 West End Expansion Estimated 2015
4 South Downtown Expansion Estimated 2015
5 North East False Creek Expansion Estimated 2015
6 Downtown Eastside Expansion Estimated 2015
7 Chinatown Expansion Estimated 2015
1 Current Downtown Network
2 South False Creek Existing
3 West End Expansion
4 South Downtown Expansion
5 North East False Creek Expansion
6 Downtown Eastside Expansion
7 Chinatown Expansion

The Beatty St plant already delivers heat to over 210 Vancouver landmarks, residential towers, hotels and office buildings, including BC Place, St Paul’s Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

 Our short- and medium-term aims:

  1. Ensure the continuing reliable operation of the Beatty Street plant
  2. Switch the existing plant to alternative fuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions, add flexibility and create efficiencies
  3. Source new and exciting low carbon energy technologies
  4. Expand the system and create new neighbourhood energy hubs in North East False Creek, South Downtown, the Cambie corridor, Gastown and other neighbourhoods, as well as adding new products and services, such as cooling services, for existing customers


Planning ahead

The potential of neighbourhood energy is immense. Just switching the existing plant to alternative fuels will cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80,000 tonnes a year. That’s the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars a year off the road.

Long-term, we aim to help Vancouver become a centre of energy innovation, contribute to a flourishing green economy in the city, and help Vancouver reach its goal of becoming the greenest city in the world.


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