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Leadership Team

Robert Hobbs – Acting President & CEO – Robert Hobbs joined Creative Energy as a member of the Board in 2014. He now serves as the Acting President and CEO. Robert’s long and distinguished career in the utility sector spans more than 25 years. Prior to his work with Creative Energy, he was Vice President of a large utility operating in British Columbia and Alberta, and the Chair of the Utilities Commission of British Columbia. Robert is an experienced lawyer in regulatory matters, and holds a B.Sc. (Mathematics) from Brandon University and an M.B.A. from the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

Paul Tai, CPA, CGA, MBA – CFO Paul Tai brings more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting to his role, including extensive experience in the district energy sector. Paul has worked with the SFU UniverCity district energy system, the Sun Rivers Multi Utilities in Kamloops, the Dockside Green Biomass Plant, the Honua Kai resort project in Maui, and the Panorama resort in Kootenay, BC. His role at Creative Energy includes working closely with internal and external customers and partners; implementing best practices and processes; liaising with business units; and working on regulatory filings and rate applications.

Kieran McConnell, P.Eng., LEED AP® – Director of Engineering & Innovation Kieran McConnell has 15 years of engineering experience in district energy, power generation and industrial water and energy management. He played a key role in the development of the Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility, involved in the feasibility, design, construction and commissioning of this project beginning in 2007. From 2010 to 2016, he was responsible for operations and expansion of the system. He frequently acts as an advisor to developers of other hot water district energy utilities across North America. Kieran holds a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University.

Lori Parker, PE – Operations Manager Lori Parker joined Central Heat as their Utility Distribution Manager in 2010, and was a key member of the team through its re-branding and re-envisioning to Creative Energy. Lori now serves as Operations Manager over-seeing the distribution network. Lori brings 30 years of progressive experience to her role, including Chief Engineer of a steam plant where it had provided her with a broader perspective of the impacts of the plant through to the distribution system.

Kelsey Devine, E.I.T. – Manager, Customer Development Kelsey Devine joined Creative Energy in 2015 as a project engineer with a customer-focused mandate. She works with existing customers as well as prospective clients to determine feasibility and advantages of connectivity with Creative Energy’s thermal energy system. Kelsey is also involved with development projects, working closely with the engineering team, to ensure compatibility and develop best customer rates for all new systems. She is a 2015 graduate in Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia.

Gordon Stevens, 1st Class PE & Certificates – Chief Engineer Gord Stevens joined Creative Energy team as Chief Engineer in 2016.  Gord’s background includes 10 years as a Boiler Inspector in British Columbia and Alberta, as well as 27 years in progressive roles in the Pulp & Paper and Gas industries, where he held positions from Utility Person to Chief Engineer. Gord holds a 1st Class Power Engineering Certificate of Competency as well as National Board Certifications for In-Service and New Construction Inspections.

Amin Hassanshahi, AScT – Manager, Utility Design & Construction – Amin Hassanshahi joined Central Heat in 2008, and played a leadership role through Creative Energy re-branding in 2014. He provides oversight of the Energy Centres, Distribution Piping System, underground structures, and Energy Transfer Stations which includes strategic leadership and management for planning, design, construction, commissioning, inspection and repair. Amin oversees and directs the implementation of District Energy projects to ensure timely and cost effective connection of buildings to the thermal energy system. He is a graduate of BCIT Engineering.

Richard Neindorf, B. Eng, PMP – Project Engineer Richard Neindorf joined Creative Energy team as Project Engineer in September 2016.  Richard’s background includes 5 years as a project engineer working on and managing projects through all phases within the natural gas industry, specializing in upgrades and expansion projects within a complex brownfields portfolio on onshore facilities and offshore platforms. Richard holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Curtin University of Technology in Australia. Richard places extremely high value on stakeholder engagement and builds effective and open relationships with clients and consultants alike.

Energy Centre Team

Creative Energy’s Energy Centre has been running continuously since 1968, providing reliable, efficient and low cost heat energy to our 210+ downtown Vancouver customers. The team consists of the Chief Engineer, who holds a first Class power engineer certificate, plus 10 operating engineers. Two power engineers consisting of a second class Shift Engineer and a 3rd/4th class Assistant operate the plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Two second-class power engineers provide relief and plant maintenance.

Distribution System Team

Creative Energy’s Distribution System team consists of the Distribution manager, who holds a second-class certificate, plus four operating engineers who hold third- and fourth- class certificates. The team operates and maintains around 14 km of distribution system that reaches out to over 210 customer buildings throughout downtown Vancouver. The team liaises closely with customers to ensure the heat energy is used efficiently within the buildings. All of the operating engineers for the Energy Centre and the Distribution System belong to the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 882. In total, the operating engineers bring over 200 years of collective experience in operating and maintaining our facilities.

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